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Save thousands of dollars and weeks of development time, and get right to your app's distinctive features.

Every app needs certain features that are the foundation of a successful project, but aren't part of what makes your app special. Features like user authentication, user access levels, administrative dashboards, and subscription billing are part of every app. Why spend time (and money) building those features? Launchpad has everything you need baked right in.

Launch Weeks Earlier

We've distilled the basic features that every app needs into a simple, extendable boilerplate scaffold that serves as the basis for every app that we build.

Favorable Licensing

Launchpad is licensed under the MIT License, so you can integrate it into your business.

User login and registration

Launchpad supports user login and registration via Devise. Forgotten password reminders, user account confirmation, account lockout, and "remember me" functionality are supported out of the box.

SSL & Security

Launchpad provides industry-standard SSL (HTTPS) by default. The Ruby on Rails architecture provides strong CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, XSS (Cross-Site Srciping) prevention, SQL Injection prevention, and more.

Social Authentication

Authenticate users with virtually any third-party social authentication service that you choose, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, and more. Optionally provide a formless social signup process.

Multitenancy (Teams)

Multitenancy allows user accounts to be grouped together by Tenant, or Team. Each team can have their own data, and only users in that team can have access to that team's data. Teams can be configured by subdomain, by subdirectory, or by cookie.

Roles & User Access Policies

Every app ships with "Admin" and "User" roles. Define any number of additional user access policies to meet your app's administrative needs.

User Account Management

Administrators can create users, update user profiles, change passwords, ban users, and delete user accounts.

Admin Dashboard

Backend administrative dashboard lets users with "Admin" role create, read, update, and delete any record in your app's database.

User Impersonation

Provide exceptional support by logging in to any user's account as that user, without asking for their password. User impersonation allows you to quickly see what they see and respond to their needs.

Up-to-Date Everything

Launchpad ships with the latest version of Ruby on Rails, plus your choice of front-end framework: React or Vue.js.

UI-Framework Agnostic

The Launchpad might look nice by default, but you'll want to integrate your own visual elements and UI framework. Launchpad ships by default with Vue.js, but this can be replaced with your UI framework of choice and your own CSS and design assets.

Secure API

Fully-documented API secured with Oauth2

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