Senior Living payment management platform

CareGrove is an all-in-one senior living payment solution.

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CareGrove allows assisted living facilities to easily create and email invoices, and accept payment via credit card.

We built CareGrove based on our Launchpad starter app. Using Launchpad, we were able to quickly prototype the concept and release an alpha version, including credit card processing, in just a few weeks. This "greenfield" app enables us to save lots of time and work at the beginning of a project because most of the common elements that are needed in every web app - user login, registration, admin controls, etc. are already built. Code Repository

Resident Payments

Assisted living facility administrators are able to view each resident's payment history at any time. Invoices are automatically created based on each resident's payment agreement.

CareGrove Resident Payments


As invoices are paid, their status is updated in the CareGrove dashboard. Residents and family members are able to make payments online using the payment portal.

CareGrove Payment History

Payments Report Dashboard

Real-time data displayed in the Payments dashboard helps facility administrators keep on top of payments and invoices.

CareGrove Payments Report

Virtual Terminal

Residents and family members are able to pay their invoices by responding to the invoice that they receive via email. In addition, facility administrators can receive payments directly in the app via the virtual terminal.

CareGrove Recurring Payments


CareGrove was created using Ruby on Rails, using our Launchpad starter app as a jumping-off point.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Stimulus Javascript
  • Tailwind CSS
Awesome! Thanks Ryan!
Jax Carroll, CareGrove

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